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❝ Finally! How To Reverse The Harmful Effects of Sitting WITHOUT Medications, Injections, Or Surgery! ❞
(we are delivering a comfortable & relaxing therapy rather than all the painful remedies used by doctors...)
Your Take Away From This Video:
  Staying sedentary without using Direct Detoxifying System (DDS) will continue to deteoriate your body at a rapid rate
  DDS helps to calm any inflammation that’s taking control of your body 
  With DDS, you can stop taking harmful painkillers for pain that comes about from sitting too long 
  With DDS, you can leverage on the power of modern Chinese medicine for anti-ageing effects which reduces wrinkles and invigorates the skin and muscles 
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Dear Sir/Madam,
Fann Beauty Wellness helps you lead a beautiful and healthy life
Do you wish to get rid of any pain that is bothering you? And do you want to stay youthful?
Then this letter will be invaluable to you.
And here’s the reason why we extend our down-to-earth introductory letter to you. 

In today’s fast-paced working environment, sitting in front of a computer to carry out your assigned tasks for long hours is not uncommon. 

But in doing so, you could be grappling with unseen damage to your body.

Sedentary lifestyle causes serious health problem
Research has revealed that people who sit for lengthy hours at the workplace or spend hours sitting on a sofa at home watching television are placing their health at risks.

According to a Straits Times report “Get your butt off that chair and live” that was published on 24th September 2017, a study revealed some startling and mind-boggling news: 
Those who sit for long stretches raise risk of earlier death...
 ...even if they exercise.
The report went on to add that...
Men and women who sat for the most hours every day, according to their accelerometer data, had the highest risk for early death, especially if this sitting often continued for longer than 30 minutes at a stretch. The risk was unaffected by age, race, gender or body mass.
Body pain comes about not just from sitting too long. 

There are other factors that can cause chronic pain and these include:
✘ headaches
✘ postsurgical pain
✘ post-trauma pain
✘ lower back pain
✘ cancer pain
✘ arthritis pain,
✘ neurogenic pain (pain caused by nerve damage)
✘ psychogenic pain (pain that isn’t caused by disease, injury, or nerve damage)
Direct Detoxifying System (DDS) provides the best solution to your pain 
There are many misconceptions about managing pain. 

For one, many people adopt a quick-fix solution to back pain by taking harmful medications that have side-effects.

Then there are those who mistakenly believe that pain is perfectly normal.

But, they are so wrong – for prolonged pain is a clear warning signals caused by potential serious ailments such as obesity and metabolic syndrome, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels. 

Next, there are life-threatening illnesses such as 

☠ cardiovascular disease

☠ cancer 

that contributes to approximately ⅔ of deaths every year. (quoted from Ministry of Health)
 The good news has arrived, and its right here at our doorstep.
Fann Beauty Wellness has a solution to your problem of enduring much pain and discomfort to your body and we are here to help you remove your pain and discomfort as well as help you resolve your health issues which you are facing or could face in the near future. 
We have had many happy customers just like you!
Look at what DDS treatment has benefited a Chinese boy who suffers from Scoliosis.😭
See how this gamer who plays computer games very often and developed poor posture has now got a better quality of life with our DDS therapy. 🤓
DDS treatment is so important for senior citizens. Take a listen to what this lady has to say. 😉
Mr Fong who is suffering from body ailments due to his obesity has shown a marked improvement to his condition after DDS therapy.😝
Ah Ping used to have a big lump on his neck. But after completing 2-3 sessions, the lump is almost gone.👍
Following a car accident Maharajah was grappling with severe pain in his neck. With DDS treatment, his neck has now loosened up and he no longer experiences pain.😇
DDS also improves your diabetic condition!😲
This former footballer was able to return to playing soccer after completing our DDS programme.😎
Some Before & After Photos...
This is our promise and our commitment to you as we strive to give all our clients a far better quality of life. 
Have You Ever Been Struck By Any Of The Following Questions...?
Are your health concerns troubling you? 

Are you truly satisfied with your current health conditions?

Do you fall asleep easily when you call it a day? Or are you struggling with insomnia?

Do you feel stressed out – by work and family life?
Do you yearn for a good massage to remove all the pains and aches in your body?
Or maybe you have a pot belly that makes you feel you’re no longer attractive?
Some of us will be stricken with chronic illnesses such as prostrate hyperplasia? Are you one of them? 
To ally all your fears and anxiety, come to us, journey with us and seize the golden opportunity. 

Given that we have a limited number of dedicated and reliable certified therapists who are fully booked most of the time, it is best for you to place your bookings in advance.
Remember every minute that you wait, your body is crying out for help ☹.

We want everyone to stay healthy – in body, mind and spirit.

You'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more!
To your success,
Fann Beauty Wellness
P.S. - Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot
 Is DDS painful? 
Generally, most people will experience slight discomfort after the first session. But the good news is that the discomfort will wither away after 1 or 2 days.
 How frequent is treatment required?
We recommend treatment once every week for first 3 months; subsequently the frequency can be tapered down to once every fortnight.
 Are there any side effects?
None at all. 
 What’s the duration of each session?
Just 45 minutes.
 How effective is DDS? 
It really depends on the clients as not all of our bodies are the same. Some clients can recover in just a few sessions. while those with chronic ailments may take a much longer time to experience a full recovery. However, usually after one session, your body will feel much better.
Become a Fan of Fann Beauty Wellness
Fann Beauty Wellness has been in the industry for a solid 7 years and we take pride in helping you stay healthy. 

We have a good track record that has not seen a single complaint on our therapy or service levels.

Our mission is to transform people’s lives so that they enjoy life to the fullest.

We strive to save and reclaim every life.
Don’t allow pain and sickness to take control of your lives.

Instead, let us help you to stay confident and have a zest for living.

With DDS, you can leverage on the power of modern Chinese medicine for removal of pain and anti-ageing effects – which reduces wrinkles and invigorates the skin and muscles.

So, become a Fan of Fann Beauty Wellness and reap the many benefits – tangible and intangible, that comes from our unique DDS programme. 

For sure, you WILL NOT regret it.
★ For readers who had scrolled all the way to the end, I have summarised the entire content as follow ☺
Innovative technologies aimed at helping patients better manage their health is now the in-thing. 

We have this innovative technology in our DDS programme in which Chinese medicinal principle, modern western reflexology and bio-electricity technology are combined to help you stay healthy and lively.

DDS Bio-Electric Therapy once applied in your body will cleansed it and make you feel healthy, happy and full of life!

Through our DDS programme, the client-therapists experience can bring about better health outcomes through potentially radically cost-effective measures.

This is a rare opportunity for you to take up our innovative DDS programme where you will reap much benefits. 

So why wait? 

Seize the opportunity now and sign up for our specially priced DDS packages.
Our innovative technology in DDS is the in-thing
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